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Runatek is an innovative Medtech startup

Revolutionizing Outpatient Pain Management


Innovative Technology

Feedback control of medication delivery ensures proper concentration of medication for each patient, eliminating misuse and providing better recovery care.

Market Need

Intended for acute post-surgical pain management following outpatient total joint replacement, giving mobility to patients and alleviating post-operative pain.

Growing Target Market

Total serviceable market of over 800,000 outpatient total joint replacement procedures within five years.

Qualified Team

Experts in the fields of engineering, medicine, and finance, and have been able to design and develop its product with the assistance of major universities.


We are seeking professional experienced venture capital investors to join our team and help take us to the next level. We are conducting our seed round of $700k on a convertible note to raise capital to get our technology through the FDA approvals process and onto the market. For more information on the Seed round, please contact CEO Matthew Lucci at or CFO Stephen Swain at

Elegant Abstract Background


Runatek has designed the first outpatient, wearable, smart drug delivery device with feedback control, the Sotiras.  We have patents pending on our technology. Its initial market is acute care pain management after total joint replacement surgery, with the cost covered by the insurance provider.  We are a less risky, more effective alternative to opioid tablets, with much better control over these restricted and potentially addictive drugs.



We're an early-stage startup with a dedicated team of qualified professionals. Our team members come from a variety of backgrounds, but we all share the same goal: to revolutionize outpatient pain management.

Matthew Lucci
          Mr. Lucci is a biomedical engineer and company executive. Prior to founding Runatek in 2020, he served as Chief Operating Officer for Frameworks PR, and Regional Project Engineer for HVAC Manufacturing and Technology. He founded Xtemp Consulting in 2018, serving as president until 2021.
          He has been developing medical devices for three years and has published his research in multiple academic journals. He received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Southern Methodist University and his Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at Tyler.
Stephen Swain
Chief Financial Officer
          Mr. Swain is an experienced Wall Street professional, having served on the Board of Directors of Dillon Read Securities and, previously, served as Vice President at New Court Securities. He was the founder and CEO of the nation's largest Gymboree franchise, with over 100 employees in four states.
         He joined Bridgehouse Securities as a Senior Investment Banker in 2006, before cofounding and serving as CFO for Chrome Capital from 2011 until its acquisition in 2015. Following which, he cofounded and served as CFO for Fuel Capital Group. He is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point and the Harvard Business School.
Dr. Kyle Walker
Chief Medical Officer
          Dr. Walker is an orthopedist at New York Presbyterian Hospital. Prior to joining the practice at NYP in 2017, he served as Clinical Research Coordinator at the Cleveland Clinic, advancing medical technology through the FDA approvals process, as well as assuming the role of Medical Director at Chillicothe Acute Care in 2015.
          He received his Bachelor of Science in Biological and Biosystems Engineering from Louisiana State University, his Doctor of Medicine from Louisiana State University of Medicine in Shreveport, and his Master of Business Administration from the University of North Carolina.
Runatek Symbol - 1.PNG
Internship Program
         Runatek's internship program is a great hands-on learning opportunity for students in STEM and Business majors. Engineering interns work alongside senior members of the Runatek team to develop medical hardware and software, while Business interns work with senior members of the team in startup finance, marketing, communications, and more. 
         Our Summer 2022 cohort boasts students from LSU, Johns Hopkins, UT Austin, UT Arlington, Miami, and more. We'll be hiring interns for our Fall 2022 cohort shortly. Interested applicants can  find more information here.


“This is very innovative and has the potential to impact a great number of [patients] across the USA.”

LoneStar Award Review

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