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The Runatek Corporation names Matthew Lucci as CEO

DALLAS, TX. – Matthew Lucci, Senior Project Manager for Runatek LLC, has been named the newest Chief Executive Officer of The Runatek Corporation. The Board of Directors selected Mr. Lucci for the position during a special board meeting on February 8th, 2021, effective immediately.

Mr. Lucci was a founding member of Runatek, and has led the Product Development team since April of 2020. Mr. Lucci was responsible for the company's product portfolio and has been involved in the development of the business since its inception, overseeing the day-to-day operations of the organization. In January 2021, he was tasked with leading the organization’s Operation Cannonball that involves corporate restructuring, rapid business development, and a two-month timeline to produce a functional demonstration prototype.

Prior to the Board of Directors selecting Lucci to lead the company, he served as the President of the marketing firm Xtemp Consulting since 2018, as well as the Chief Operating Officer of Frameworks PR in 2020. He holds a Master’s Degree in mechanical engineering and is a member of the Order of the Engineer. This background, coupled with his expertise in medical treatment development through the FDA, makes him a great fit to lead the Runatek Corporation into its next chapter.